We hear the same question time and time again of “Why would I pay for the weather when I can get it for free?” There are many FREE ways to get weather including the local news, free apps and of course the National Weather Service. Free weather apps can be a decent tool depending on what the individual is looking for but should never be used to make business decisions. Why settle for basic information when you can get the entire package? Our service may cost money but we are providing the value that you will not get from those free sources.

Be proactive instead of reactive.

A lawn company wants to know when the rain will begin at his location. His free weather app told him 1 PM and our response was to plan on rain beginning at 10 AM. By having our insight this lawn company was able to get several lawns finished before the rain began. Not only did he just pay for our weather service but he was proactive by knowing when the rain showers would impact his customer’s lawn locations.

A snow removal company wants to know what time the snow will start falling in his location. His free weather app showed a 70% chance of snow at 6 AM and we warned this snow removal company to prepare for snow by 9 AM. In this situation, the company didn’t have to pay the staff for working extra hours and as a result they just saved time and money by having our insight.

A construction company operating a crain wants to know when the strong wind gusts of 50 MPH are expected to hit his job site.

Let us help you make those weather decisions. You should never have to take 3 TV forecasts and several weather apps to try and figure out what the weather will do.