Are you frustrated by changing forecasts on your favorite weather app? It is likely costing you time and money because you are getting inaccurate information. If you check the forecast for an upcoming storm five times during the day, you might get five different forecasts. That makes for very low confidence in what is actually going to happen. Partnering with Updraft Weather would be a great decision that saves you time and money. We can send you detailed local information on upcoming storms so you know what to expect. When you are away from the computer we send you notifications straight to your phone. A weather forecast has value if it can be used to make business decisions. Our weather alerts, video analysis and hourly forecast briefings will help you better understand what the weather will do and you will be able to make better informed decisions. You should never have to take 3 TV forecasts and several weather apps to try and figure out what the weather will do. Updraft Weather is backed with years of experience in the meteorology sector. Partnering with Updraft Weather would be a great decision that saves you time and money. Make better informed decisions with risk mitigation. Are you still on the fence? Request a free trial by filling out the form below. If at the end of your free trial you are unsatisfied you will not be sent any fees.


The operational forecast will bring reliable weather information that will impact your operation locations. Video discussions delivered via email daily. Our local weather alerts feature will send you notifications well in advance of any weather system that could affect your business. No more surprises.

Never be caught off guard again with our operational forecast sending local weather updates to your operation.


Tailored forecasts and video briefings for your job site, university, sports complex or snow removal company. Hourly forecast briefings sent daily M-F to your phone via text message.

With access to our tailored 7 day forecasts and our video briefings, you can feel confident when making business decisions.


Weather Alerts will provide you with local weather updates when it most counts.

These local weather alerts are based off of your set location. The #1 goal of the local weather alert system is to give you a general overview of weather events that will impact operations. These alerts are given a threat level probability from 20-80%:

20%: Watching a possible system 6+ days out

40%: Watching a possible system

60%: The weather event is likely to occur

80%: The weather event will occur

Weather alerts are delivered through email and or text message, each time an alert is issued or updated.