Clearing the fog to an accurate forecast.

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Providing an accurate forecast you can depend on for planting, transportation, construction, snow removal, schools and much more!

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate your risks and improve on the job safety with an accurate forecast for your business. Accurate weather analytics can save your company money on weather-related decisions.


Here for you when it most counts! We know that when your business depends on the weather, time is money.

About Us

Updraft Weather Solutions specializes in offering a unique forecast to each business and individual. We provide forecasting services for multiple industries including agriculture, snow removal, construction, landscape, schools/campuses and more. We aim to create a responsive customer relationship that allows us to meet and even exceed the goals of each and every customer. Our service increases profitability, lead-time, and on the job safety. We make our clients aware of the weather before it happens.

  • Premium Forecast

    Detailed local weather information for private and commercial. Perfect for individuals, farmers, agribusinesses, snow removal, construction, landscape, public works and more.

  • Radio Forecast

    Detailed accurate weather information for local coverage area. Multiple packages offered. This is perfect for radio stations and radio companies.

  • On Call Updates

    Detailed weather information via phone or text. This is perfect for commercial industries and farmers that need rapid updates at their fingertips. Have us on your side when it matters most. Included in most packages and available as a single product.

Proven Results

I’ve been following Ben for over a year now, found him from a friends post. While my wife was going through chemo last winter, I made it a ritual to see Ben’s post about the weather. There was absolutely no way we could miss my wife’s appointments, so we made our travel plans from his posts every week. Several times I would send a question to him and he always responded, and we were always confident with his predictions. We were stuck in Mason City last year for two days, but we went early and made her appointment, because we went by Ben’s advice. Do I trust his weather predictions? Yes, especially when my wife’s health was on the line. Thank you Ben, keep up the great work.

Jeff Grandgenett

I’ve always found Ben’s forecast to be very reliable. I’m so pleased about that. Also, the team at Updraft Weather Solutions is willing to answer any questions that you may have & and to help you out! So glad that I found Ben on Facebook forecasting the weather. Keep up the good work guys! THANKS!

Linda Hamilton

For the value this is an awesome weather site. I’ve been using it for about a month and they offer a level of forecasting that can’t be found on an app or even the local news. It’s crazy how spot on the forecasting has been this winter. Great job guys!

Jamie Tooker