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Detailed local weather analytics. Perfect for farming, construction, snow removal and more. Decision support.

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Updraft Weather Solutions specializes in offering unique forecast products and real-time weather information to its clients. Providing short, medium and long range forecasting. We help companies increase profits and improve on the job safety by delivering accurate and local weather analytics. Discover what our products can do for your business.

Operational Forecast

Perfect for agribusinesses, farmers, construction companies and lawn & snow removal companies.

Event Forecast

Perfect for concerts or events that need to know about impending dangerous weather conditions.


Video Analysis

Hourly Forecasts

Local Forecasts

Weather Alerts

Impact Forecasts

Long Range Forecasts


The first thing I do in the morning is go to my computer and look for my Updraft Weather forecast. There is a YouTube forecast that explains what Ben sees in the various weather models. He gives you an in-depth analysis of the upcoming weather. Then there is the hourly forecast briefing that you can quickly view to know what is coming. If you are a farmer, own a construction company or anyone who needs to know what to expect from the weather, I strongly recommend Updraft Weather Solutions.
D. Henke
Updraft Weather Solutions has been a great addition to my day. I find myself looking at it often. Two features I enjoy are the updates of the weather when it is changing and the videos explain daily and future forecasts.
K. Jurgensen